New Product

Euphorbia Milii "Super Giant"

This is the first biggest euphorbia milii flower, launched from Wanapluk Garden. It is called "Super Giant" as the size of flower is 3-4 times bigger than our general milii flowers. As this is very new in both Thailand and worldwide market, only "made to order" is accepted. This will take around 1-2 month only for bared-root shipment. Besdies, there are several colors of this big milii. If you have questions or need additonal information, please feel free to contact us.

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Bauhinia Aureifolia

"The Golden Leaf" was discovered in Thailand in 1983: a beautiful climber that needs full light and good humidity. The cultivated plants range from pure white to dark purple and pink, while the wild ones have often white petals with pinkish patches. This is available now and highly recommended to all customers!

Xanthostemon Chrysanthus

Now, we have 4 colors available in well-rooted pot plant. There are red, yellow, pink and orange. It is commonly known as the Golden Penda frpm Queenland and there are always showy blooms all year round. The flowerheads or the racemes are terminal or axillary and measure up to 15 cm ( diameter).

In general, Xanthostemon chrysanthus is cultivated as an ornamental plant by plant nurseries, for use in gardens and park landscaping. Its horticultural appeal stems from its profuse and attractive flowering.

Golden penda can be propagated by seed or cuttings. It grows well in subtropical gardens with fair drainage and sunny aspect. The species is less reliable in flowering in climates such as Sydney and cooler.

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Croton Sp.

This is the latest product launched from Wanapluk Garden. We are ready for the order of croton pot plant and each identification of leaf need to be finalized before the ordering process since there are a wide range of them. All pot plants of croton are well-rooted and free from pests. For the old customers of Wanapluk Garden, you can ask for free sample in your next coming shipment.

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Hoya Kerrii

Now we have a promotional package for Hoya Kerri. The form of plant is bushy with several stem as seen in the photo. HOwever, only variegated leaf is on promotion and please feel free to contact us for the special price and condition.

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